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FertilityC is a community where absolutely everyone who is involved in fertility treatment can come together to share ideas, information and personal stories.



  • will find a network offering support and guidance
  • have access to a wide range of choices when it comes to treatment options, products etc.
  • will be able to gather knowledge on their treatments from a wide variety of sources
  • will be able to connect with other patients, doctors and clinics



  • Be part of a network of other healthcare professionals
  • Share ideas and treatments with colleagues
  • Develop new techniques that span across international borders
  • Find patients, clinics and other fertility related business from around the world



  • Network with other clinics around the world
  • Gain access to fertility related companies both national and international


Support Service Providers

  • Have direct access to consumers in your specific market
  • Be able to communicate directly with consumers
  • Form networks with other companies that provide complimentary products
  • Advertise to your specific target market
Fertility clinic
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